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SoCIAL Lite Vodka







SoCIAL Lite Vodka







Naturally Refreshing

SoCIAL LITE Vodka is the first ever ready-to-drink sparkling vodka cocktail that has no sugar, no sweetener and no artificial ingredients. This refreshing drink is a blend of premium Canadian vodka, soda and 100% Natural Flavours. What's most impressive, each 355mL can is a mere 80 calories and is gluten-free.

SoCIAL LITE Vodka Pineapple Mango


SoCIAL LiTE Pineapple Mango is flavoured with a real pineapple juice concentrate & 100% natural pineapple and mango flavours. A bright nose of pineapple and a smooth mango finish. This fruity cocktail will send your senses to the tropics. 



SoCIAL LITE Lime Ginger is flavoured with 100% natural lime & ginger flavours. Strong citrus aroma & premium Canadian vodka provide a smooth and clean finish. Crisp and refreshing, with the taste of a fresh squeezed lime and a ginger bite to finish.  



SoCIAL LITE Lemon Cucumber Mint is flavoured with real lemon juice concentrate and 100% natural cucumber & mint flavour. With a fresh cucumber aroma, citrus tang & a mint finish, this blend feels like a relaxing day at the spa.