FAQ – Social Lite Vodka


You’ve got questions – we’ve got answers!

Is SoCIAL LITE gluten free?


What is your vodka made from?


Is SoCIAL LITE vegan?

All of our products are 100% vegan!

Can I have these if I am on the Keto diet?

Yes, all of our drinks are Keto friendly 

Can I buy SoCIAL LITE online?

SoCIAL LITE is available through your local liquor store or here – > Beer Guy Delivery

Are these like Nutrl? Cottage Springs?

SoCIAL Lite launched in 2014 and was the pioneer of the Vodka Soda category. Since then, there have been a lot of competitors, but we pride ourselves on the great taste of our products! We’ll let you try for yourself! We spend over one year developing each of our flavours to deliver the maximum taste and refreshment!

How do you flavour these without sugar?

We use 100% natural flavours to get the flavour and aroma in the drink. Similar to something like a grapefruit sparkling water that uses natural flavour. 

Why do some flavours contain juice concentrate?

We use this as a natural preservative. The amount is so small which is why there is still no sugar in the final product. 

What kind of Vodka is it?

We use a craft distiller in Ontario who makes small batch vodka just for us. 

How much Vodka is in it?

Our original vodka sodas have 4% alcohol, while our BOLD Vodka Soda has 6%

What kind of Gin do you use in your Gin soda?

We use a small batch gin that is made just for us here in Ontario.

How much Gin is in your gin soda?

Our gin soda has 5% alcohol

I can’t find the flavour I like in my local store?

Local stores decide what flavours they carry, be sure to request your favourite flavours to the staff at your local store

If you have any questions that are not listed here send us an email! feedback@sociallitevodka.com.